Hand painting on Silk and Mixed Medium Artist

About the Artist

Terry Tabor was born in Alexandria, VA in 1955 and currently resides in Maryland.  She is a self-taught artist who began drawing at an early age.  She inherited her talent from her father, Lee E. Tabor, Sr.  Terry forgot she knew how to draw until her grand children ask her to teach them how to draw.  They found her old drawings that she didn't know she still had.  As Terry would say, "life gets in the way and she haven't drawn for over 25 years.  What a blessing.  I found my Niche!

Terry successfully completed the Hand Painting on Silk Courses at Harmony Hall Regional Center in Fort Washington, MD and some in Alex., VA at the Torpedo Factory. She enjoys painting on canvas as well as the art of painting on silk for framed art and silk wearables.

Terry specializes in scenes that inspire relaxation, dancing and trees:  Her paintings are of Contemporary Modern & Abstract Art on canvas and silk.

 For the past 13 years Terry had a scholarship fund in memory of her mother Johnnie Mae Tabor. The money went to Prince Georges Community College in Largo, MD for a single mother to attend college.  


She is the President of SilkSational SPIN Local Chapter; a membership organization for silk painters

SPIN – Nonprofit organization for silk painters (professionals and novice)

MISSION:  To learn, grow, network and support each silk artist through workshops, meetings, social gathering and seminars.

OBJECTIVE:  To encourage others to join and learn new techniques through meetings, workshops and supporting each other.

Terry was also a Co-Founder of The E.Y.E. Program (empowering young entrepreneurs) a non-profit organization to inspire kids by having younger entrepreneurs to speak and encourage kids their age that they can do the same.


Life time Member of Sistes4Sisters Network organization &

a member of Christian Giving Circle


Also, the Executive Director Denice White of All Shades of Pink and Terry Tabor, co-written the children’s book & Terry as the Illustrator of “Helping Mom Fight the Bad Cancer Bubbles” was published in April 2012.  All Terry’s proceeds were donated to All Shades of Pink a breast cancer awareness organization.  The book was told from the perspective of a little girl talking with her grandmother as to what was happening with her mom being diagnosed with cancer and how a child could help make her mom feel better.  To purchase a copy of the book; contact Denice White at 301-356-4688. 


Purchase a hand painted silk scarf, and you will receive the Expressions by Terry charm pendent.


To order or visit Terry’s Studio, call (301) 509-8857 or

email [email protected].




 A special thanks to my grandchildren (Ryanne Mone', Tre & Alaya) who inspired her to draw again.

And mostly thank GOD for helping me find my niche for life.


 Rolling Out Magazine: http://rollingout.con/2015/08/14/terry-tabor-turns-passion-career